Don't cry for me.  Don't shed a
tear. The time has come for
me to take my rest. Don't cry
for me. I know you're gonna
miss me, but I'm happy right
over here, sitting beside my
Jesus in Heaven somewhere.
Don't cry for me. This old
body had to return to the
dust.  No more sickness, no
more pain, no more trials and
tribulation.  No more dying
over here.  Don't cry for me.

I Love you and I know you
love me.
Daddy you are gone, but you are
sadly missed by all of your
children.  One year has past
since you left us. We will
continue to love one another,
just as you loved us.  Take your
rest.  We love you, but Jesus
loves you the best. So we say
farewell for now until we meet

Your, Wife, Children, Grand and
Great Grand Children.