Honey I love so much and I always will. I hope this Christmas finds you in the best
of health and may all of your best wishes come true.  I thank you for all the good
times we spent together and I pray that the good Lord will bless us with long lives,
and keep us together as one. My love for you is getting stronger everyday.  Just
being with you and my children means more to me than anything in this world.  
Nothing excites me more than when I could see that bright smile on your face. I
hope that as many more years will come you will continue to bloom in my life,
because like I mentioned before, you are the only light that I need. You are my best
Santa,because you give me gifts that he could not give, and every time I see them,
they make me love you more and more. Continue to be who you are, because at
present, you are the only woman in my race. I love you baby today.  You are the
sweetest woman I know and this is why I will take you everywhere I go. Have a
Merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Love your darling husband,
Wayne E. Miller, Sr.