I can  think about alot of ways to describe my love for you, but I
know at the end of the day it would not add up to how much I
really love you.  You are the only woman in this world who can
make me smile when nothing is going on. I just love to be with
you and when you are not around, It feels like apart of me is
missing. Ever since I met you baby my whole life has changed. I
could never find another woman like you. God knew just what
He was doing all along. He prepared a great fish for Jonah, and
He prepared you for me.  I loved you from the first time I set my
eyes on you.  I am so proud of you for being so caring, sharing
and loving. The world can't take their eyes of you, because you
are soaring and going places. I want you to know that I fully
support you and I know you will continue to strive for
excellence.  I love you baby for just being you and I won't trade
you for this world. You are so sweet.  You convince me that you
were the best fruit in the garden. I love you baby. Happy
Valentines Day.

Your darling husband,
Wayne E. Miller, Sr.